Saturday, 25 February 2012

Specially for You My Dear...

Yes, today is my loves one's birthday ( it's actually yesterday, 25 feb as it is now already 1.10 am)        Oh yeahhhh!!!!    
But, who is my loves one???

 Hehehe...that person actually Teh Adawiyah bt Othman @ Zaid...(untungla mu mc teh ye..full name mu mncul kt blog ak ni ek?!) She's celebrating her 19th birthday today (i mean yesterday) which is the final year of celebrating birthday with no. 1 infront of those number...Didn't understand what I said? Hmm...just think it by yourself as i don't have mood to explain the reason. padahal tak tahu nak explain mcm mne. 


She's is such a wonderful friend I ever had! For me she is sooo matured than her real age! I really miss her smile! I miss the way she hide her face when we want to snap her picture! I miss the way she talk! I miss everything about her!why i used so much "!"??hee..teruja! Btw she is the first person who give me such a cute and the most important is, it's a 'confidential' birthday gift, when I celebrating my 17th birthday. I still remember how difficult for me to hide the present she give to me so that my other friends didn't know about it. So, to repay or actually to show that i really appreciate her kindness and our friendship, i decide to give her something special for her birthday. Since then, I keep thinking about what is the best present i can and should give to her. tipula kalu ak ckp aku dok pikir benda ni sepanjang tahun kan. Till then, today, i got inspired to give her a BIG birthday card with the help from Najah. who is Najah? Wait for next post..... and the most important thing is, I bought that card by myself and not using that Baucer Buku! However, the money or price or even the size of the card is not important, the most important thing is Mc Teh happy with the present. 
Nak tau betapa besarnya kad tu...???

Emmmm.....jeng, jeng, jeng....wait for next post...bila? only god knows when is it...
For you dear beloved friend Teh, nothing more i want to tell you, but remember that you're always in my heart even we are not always keep in touch.

p/s: sorry for the silly mistake of grammar...hehehe...

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