Friday, 7 October 2011

outing with my beLOVEd brother....^_^

this is the FIRST story i want to share in this simple blog....

yesterday, 6 october 2011, i have an outing with my brother at MidValley Megamall n The Garden Mall. At first we plan to hang out at Lowyat Plaza. Unfortunately, my brother (which I call him 'ABE') give me a call n decide to change our plan. At that time, i already bought a commuter ticket to KL Sentral as at first we decide to meet there before taking a monorail to Lowyat. Rugi duit aku 2 posen...ha3! After an HOUR waiting for a commuter, i finally got into the commuter. The commuter is like a tin of sardine. WHY??  IT FULL WITH HOMOSAPIENS!!! 

Finally, around 6.55 p.m., i arrive at want to know something?? THAT WAS MY FIRST TIME I STEP INTO MIDVALLEY MEGAMALL...Serius ak cakap.....ak x pernah pergi MidValley....hahaha.....While waiting for my brother, i take this precious opportunity to walk around the mall.It such a big mall so no wonder lah it name is MEGAMALL right? At 7.05p.m. i meet my brother in front of JUSCO. While waiting for me perform my prayer, he went to Nando's Restaurant and make an order for our dinner. While having our dinner, i try to ask my brother about 'that girl'....unfortunately the answer that i got only NO COMMENT.....ala x sporting r abe ni....

After finish out dinner, we make a move to The Garden Mall as my brother want to by a new wallet and some iPad accessory....First, we went to BRAUN BUFFEL, my brother's favourite brand and shop for his wallet. Althought the famous brand leather based shop were having promotions right now, there is not many choice of wallet to be buy. So, my brother decide to buy a new wallet next time. Then, we move to 3rd floor of the mall for MACHINES, an Apple products store. At that store, i have a chance to try an iPod nano while waiting for my brother pay for his iPad accessory. After that, we went in from one store to another and going back to MidValley Megamall. My brother did ask me what i want, but my answer only DON'T the result is i didn't buy and my brother didn't by me anything! ( nk blanja tp kite x tau nk pe....uuu sedih...)

                                                                           braun buffel


                                                                    world of outdoor

Around 10.00 p.m. we decide to back as we afraid we will miss our commuter. I ask my brother to accompanied me back to my college as i quite afraid take a taxi alone to college,but, he refused to. Ok fine.....Then, around 20 minutes later i arrive at k13 accompanied by....jeng jeng brother....!!!! How i manage persuaded my brother??'s a secret. Lucky to my brother as the taxi driver drop me in front of the gate, if not for sure i will hug my beLOVEd brother like usual.....ha3!!!

p/s: Bye2 dare u not tell me that u will back to our sweet home  T T 

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